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Friday, 19th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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New style pharmacy in Lakeway


The Hill Country Apothecary is scheduled to open a new compounding pharmacy in Lakeway this fall around October, located at 1310 R.R. 620 in suite A-01.


Their press release goes on to state:


"The new facility will offer a comfortable, healing environment, and customized medications for people with specific needs that big box pharmacies, and retail chains cannot attain. Hill Country Apothecary uses an innovative, in-depth approach, focused on individual customer care and attention. A patient-centered attitude, and dedication to patients' needs and community involvement, sets Hill Country apart from other pharmacies.


Unlike the typical, stale, unwelcoming designs of other pharmacies, the new location in Lakeway will have a warm, inviting interior and a healing atmosphere. Drab waiting rooms will not be a part of the apothecary’s design. Instead, a coffee and juice bar, and Internet accommodations will be provided in the cozy lounge area for patients to enjoy. The experience of being provided with consultative services, or waiting for prescriptions to be filled will be one of quality customer service, free of anxiety.


The owners of Hill Country Apothecary, Adam Metcalf and Jana Downing, are also the pharmacists. Hailing from families that taught and lead in the compounding industry for 20 years, owned successful pharmacies, and are involved in their communities, both owners are carrying on the family tradition of reliable customer care. The Lakeway community will be able to experience the patient-physician-pharmacist relationship (also known as the triad relationship) that compounding pharmacy provides."



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