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Tuesday, 13th October 2015

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Water update - Tuesday 8 pm

WTCPUA's GM confirms the water input pipe repair is complete and water is flowing again. They also reminded everyone that Stage 4 restrictions will remain in place for a few days as reserves are rebuilt.

Water Update - Tuesday 8 am

This update just in from the WTCPUA team:


1. The repair is going well, work progressed well during the night and a concrete pour is scheduled for 10 am this morning.


2. Water supplies are still on as of this time but the PUA cannot measure total demand when the system is not "online". Conservation remains essential.


3. The stage 4 ban is going to be in effect for several more days after the repair is complete to replenish the system storage.


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Latest on water demand

Water demand dropped to 6 million gallons yesterday, still higher than the 4.5 to 5 million the emergecny supplies add up to:


Risk of water cut off looms unless demand is reduced - UPDATED

The WTCPUA (which supplies water to 25,000 homes in Bee Cave, the 71/290/HPR corridor and Drippings Springs) is facing a critical need to repair its main water supply from Lake Travis.

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Water issue now critical - water demand unchanged since warning...

Local sources tell us the water main leak facing WTCPUA is much more serious than previously thought. Despite issuing stage 4 emergancy restrictions water demand is not being lowered.

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