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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Revival Says Goodbye!


Revival owner David Camp announced the closure of Revival on 71 West in Bee Cave. Earlier announcements had talked of relocating the business out of Bee Cave and down Hamilton Pool Road in respose to issues with site permits from the City.


It apears that at least two sub tenants are not affected by the closure and that there may yet be some kind of Pumpkin based event before the closure. Exact timelines are unclear.

Here is the full announcement:

"*The Wardrobe and Treehouse to remain onsite. Please support these small businesses!
It is with heavy heart that after 7 years serving this community, I announce that Revival will be closing its doors for good. The decision has been made to no longer pursue the relocation to HPR so we now find ourselves on our final chapter. I can't thank the community enough for its support over the years. Revival was an amazing creative universe fueled by you, the community. I have met so many awesome people over the years; talented makers, artist and customers all with an aligned vision to make our community better, more inspired and true to authentic living. It's because of you that we made it this far, fighting through the endless challenges that face small business. It has been a really wild ride, many ups and downs and a lot of white knuckling, but always a place of passion and dedication for something better and I would never take that back.

Accepting the reality that my dream for Revival Square will never happen has been very difficult. My family put everything into trying to bring this small business community to life, my kids grew up there and we are sad. I feel like I have made many friends along the way but at the same time have lost so many important relationships, including my marriage of 16 years. My (x)wife and I started this journey together with our 3 daughters, full of hope, passion and dreams for something better and ultimately my relentless determination cost me everything that mattered most. Thank you Tara for being a part of it. I know we shared equal love and passion for the dream and I wish it could have gone as we imagined it would. My many mistakes are something I will always have to live with and regret. Over the past couple years I have lost a lot, but I especially have lost my heart. The heart to keep going and fight the uphill battles necessary to make something this big happen. I am tired, frustrated, emotionally worn down and I just don't have much more to offer Revival. I'm sure many of our customers have seen this clearly in the store recently and it isn't fair to my family, the community or what Revival once was or represented to keep forcing it forward. It has been a huge learning opportunity for me and as I look forward to a future of unknowns I will take this experience, grow from it and try to be the best person I can be for whatever is next in my life. Who knows, maybe someday I will be back to build the dream!

The land is under contract and the new owner has some amazing plans for the location. Pretty soon we will be able to share with you what's to come! In the mean time we have tons and tons of stuff to be sold. I have 4 weeks to fully liquidate an incredible amount of products and structures. Keep your eye out for these special sales as I will be very active in posting updates. As many know, I love my stuff dearly and hope that everything can find a new happy home. This will include some of the buildings, the vintage playgrounds, iron, doors, the church stone and so much more!

I never imagined having to write a message like this but as we all know life throws curve balls and things can change from our intentions in life. Sometimes our only options are to stand tall and look forward.
I will be at the store quite a bit the next 4 weeks finishing things out. Please come say goodbye and maybe find something cool at a great price. I will miss all of you and especially serving the community with creative vision and an inspired universe to be enjoyed by all.



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