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Monday, 19th February 2018

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Risk of water cut off looms unless demand is reduced - UPDATED


The WTCPUA (which supplies water to 25,000 homes in Bee Cave, the 71/290/HPR corridor and Drippings Springs) is facing a critical need to repair its main water supply from Lake Travis.


This is the leak site:



Here is what we know:


1.     The main pipe that supplies all WTCPUA water has a leak and needs to be repaired.

2.     The leak is on a cliff face near the Lake on very difficult terrain.

3.     The repair will involve replacing a 32 ft section of 30-inch concrete and steel pipe.

4.     WTCPUA agreements will provide some back up supply but there is no information on what proportion of the supply can be replaced.

5.     Since the water emergency was declared on Tuesday there has been no change in water usage. This is despite a 100% ban on irrigation use.

6.     Bee Cave City Council member Marie Lowman has stated on Facebook that the repair is expected to start Monday the 12th and take 48-72 hours. The PUA has confirmed that is the plan

7.     The main pipe can supply 18.5 million gallons per day (mgd). The backup plan can supply 4.4-5 mgd and the PUA has reserves of 2.5 mg.

8. Usage must drop below 5 mgd or we will run out of water withing 24-48 hours. Current usage has dropped from 10+mgd to 7.4mgd on Thursday.


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Here is the PUA’s web site’s latest information:


The West Travis County Public Utility Agency (PUA) implemented Stage 4 emergency water restrictions on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 due to an unanticipated leak in the utility's raw water line.   These restrictions are continuing at this time and should be considered open-ended until further notice.  

The Stage 4 restrictions impact all PUA customers in western Travis and northern Hays counties.  

The restrictions require that all PUA customers suspend all  non-essential water use, including outdoor watering until futher notice. 

The PUA requires the following under its Stage 4 emergency measures:

·      Irrigation of landscaped areas is prohibited

·      Use of water for the irrigation of golf course greens, tees, and fairways is prohibited unless the golf course uses an alternative water supply source, such as reclaimed water, rainwater, or gray water

·      Use of water from fire hydrants shall be limited to firefighting and activities necessary to maintain public health, safety, and welfare only.

The PUA also encourages overall, indoor water conservation such as limited laundry and shortened showers to assist the PUA as repairs are made to the raw water line. 

The PUA has emergency water interconnection agreements with nearby water systems for these types of unanticipated events and the PUA has successfully established those temporary interconnections.

The PUA is taking all necessary actions to repair this leak in the most time efficient manner to minimize the inconvenience to its customers.  Cooperation from PUA customers is crucial in order to ensure that there is adequate water supply for the duration of this repair.  

Customers who have additional questions should contact Customer Service at (512) 263-0125 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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