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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Water issue now critical - water demand unchanged since warning...


Local sources tell us the water main leak facing WTCPUA is much more serious than previously thought. Despite issuing stage 4 emergancy restrictions water demand is not being lowered.


The main 30 inch pipe that supplies the entire system has been found to be much more badly cracked than previously though and a 32 ft long section of that pipe located in hilly and wooded terrain will need to be completely replaced - a job that may take days not hours.


The PUA also "encourages overall, indoor water conservation such as limited laundry and shortened showers to assist the PUA as repairs are made to the raw water line." and banned all irrigation.


They also state on their site "The PUA has emergency water interconnection agreements with nearby water systems for these types of unanticipated events and the PUA has successfully established those temporary interconnections.".


It is becoming clear that we may need to depend on water reserves for a day or more and that this supply will not be enough if everyone continues to water their yards in this situation.


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