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Monday, 27th April 2015

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Hatchett water supply questions


When asked to confirm that the developer would foot the $9MM bill for connecting the Hatchett Tract to the PUA Water system, General manager Don Raushcuber responded ; "Yes, assuming the PUA Board approves an NSSA. (supply agreement) To date, the Board has not made a water commitment to Masonwood West Project."

If they actually are on the board to serve the public interests of you and I, then there is no way they would approve the agreement as currently requested. With the lake drying up it as actually beyond reason that they would even consider it. If they vote to approve the usage agreement it will prove that their loyalty is not to the public, but to the profit-driven developers that want to make a bunch of money and then walk off and leave us holding the bag. They have all claimed that they are interested in serving the public's best interest. It is time for them to man up and prove it.



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