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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

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Water authority admits new development may threaten existing customer's water supply?


In a memo we have just received, the WTCPUA and its engineering consultants admit, in writing, that suplying water to the 1,500+ home Hatchett Tract (previously known as Masonwood West) poses a threat to their existing area customer's supply of water.


In a memo dated May 16th to WTCPUA head Don Rauschuber ( attached - registration required) - Murfee Engineering points out:


"Murfee Engineering has used the WTCPUA water distribution system model to determine the impacts of service to the Hatchett Tract at the level of 1,837 LUEs and has determined what functional limitations would need to be rectified via system improvements in order to provide service at that level. The existing system and proposed Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects do not provide capacity to serve the Hatchett Tract with 1,837 LUEs. Additionally, the Hatchett Tract represents a very large demand in the highest pressure plane at the fringe of the WTCPUA SH71 water system, and has and will present significant challenges, not only from the planning and modeling standpoint, but also from an operations standpoint."


The engineers then go on to outline a plan to link the main 71 and 290 water systems at a toal cost of almost $9MM (this cost would be borne by the developers) but then goes on to say:


"The WTCPUA western SH71 System is able, although under operational conditions that do give rise to some concern, to serve the Hatchett Tract via the hydraulic balancing afforded by a loop back to SH71 from the end of the HPRTM and modifying the proposed location of the 1 MG SH71 1280 EST to a ground storage reservoir located at or near the HPRPS. An easement through the Hatchett Tract from the HPRTM to the northern boundary of the Hatchett Tract, continuous easement(s) to Highway 71 24‐ inch TM and additional storage and pump station site easements will be required to construct, operate, and maintain these improvements. Additionally, legal input would be required on the implications for the WTCPUA existing wholesale water services agreement with the Lazy Nine MUD."

Download this file (WTCPUA-Hatchett Tract Memo 5 16 14.pdf)WTCPUA-Hatchett Tract Memo 5 16 14.pdf[ ]6050 Kb



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