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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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City Survey draft published


Here is the first draft of the 2013/14 City survey and the survey document itself.

These documents do NOT require registration.


The survey - with a total sample size of 376 and a Bee Cave resident sample size of just over 300 has yet to be approved by City Council. Its existence was only discovered after it was quoted in a posting on our own Bee Cave Bee on Facebook group by outgoing City Council member Zelda Auslander over the weekend. As a result we requested and received a copy from City Staff on Monday. As of Tuesday night it had been downloaded 90+ times.


The survey was sent to over 3,400 households with an average occupancy of just over 2 people. The sample also had some issues - "This data indicates that the survey sample was substantially under-represented in households making below $100,000 per year, and over-represented in the highest income ranges, especially in households making over $200,000."


The results cover 26 pages, the other 50 pages contain all the open ended responses to all the comment boxes throughout the study. It makes interesting reading and we'll be analysing it further in the next few days and weeks.



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