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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Hill Country Indoor hits snags at Council


Hill Country Indoor faces another month long delay after presenting their revised plan for their new facility on Bee Cave Parkway opposite Ledera.


The plan, which involved switching the building and playing fields to reduce the adaptations needed to conform with the topography.


But the main problems stemmed from the City Council unwillingness to accept non expert opinions on the pervious nature of both the artificial turf and the "Grasscrete" planned to be used for the parking lot. Without both allowances the facility cannot meet the 45% impervious cover and the necessary storm water runoff facilities. An HCI team member claims that Austin City has already accepted the same standards of impervious cover, despite what the City of Bee Cave may have claimed.


The HCI team also sent us this official statement:

"Hill Country Indoor has dedicated 3 years of unwavering determination to bring a state of the art sports and health facility to Central Texas. We are without a doubt going to bring this project to the hill country. Our funding is in place, our construction is locked and we are aggressively working with the city of Bee Cave to bring this project to a physical reality. At the present, we are weighing the options and opportunities that have been presented to us. It is our hope, as it has been all along, for this project to be a desired amenity to the city of Bee Cave.
It is daily news that there is a great need for a facility such as this to empower families and enhance a progressive community. There are numerous indications and publications that continually confirm this fact. HCI is happily incurring increased expenditures to ensure the safety and well being of our children and quality of life for our community...
We would request that the citizens of the area voice their desire for a facility that is robust in design, while cohesive with the unique architecture of the hillcountry. Hill Country Indoor recognizes it's responsibility to jointly preserve ecological health and a consistent environment for the families and individuals that will celebrate life with HCI on a daily basis."


A 4-1 majority put off a decision for a month - time for HCI to either come up with expert opinions to support their claim or alternative materials



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