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Friday, 23rd February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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City Council "up for grabs" - Auslander update


For the first time ever, four out of six seats on the Bee Cave City Council come up for election this year. As the door opens for candidates to sign up (Jan 29 - Feb 28, Mar 10 for one year seat) the situation could not be more volatile.


We can announce, exclusively, today that Mayor Pro-Tem Steve Braasch will NOT seek re-election after many years of service to the City. He told us his news yesterday.


Here is a short history of his service to the City:

  • Council 1998-2000
  • P&Z 2001-2007
  • Chair P&Z 2005-2007
  • Councilman / Mayor Pro Tem 2007-2009
  • Councilman / Mayor Pro Tem 2011-current

His seat, as well as that of Zelda Auslander (another long serving member) and that of Mayor Caroline Murphy (Mayor for well over a decade) are up for two year terms. Auslander had announced previously her intention to join her husband in Silicon Valley over Christmas - but here is her statement (which does not answer the question about running again but basically restates her platform):


"I am not moving to California...Rob and I are divorcing after 23 adventurous and growing years.  My plans are uncertain but I care a great deal about our community and feel a sense of responsibility for its future.  

I bring the necessary and delicate BALANCE between filling the needs of the Business and the Residential Community, the VISION of being the most unique and beautiful community in Texas, the PROACTIVITY to plan and shape our city's destiny, the CREATIVITY to understand the power of synergy in providing an environment with superior quality of life, and tons of EXPERIENCE.  

No one else so far provides that combination of qualities in one person...I wish they did so I felt more secure for Bee Cave's future."


In addition, the seat vacated by Paul Kline and filled temporarily by long serving Councilman Bill Goodwin is up for Special Election for a one year term.


The election will be held on May 10th.



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