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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Water rates to change


Today's WTCPUA meeting considered the new rate structure for all local retails cutomers (Dec 19th). The changes will impact both the fixed charge and variable water use elements.


The research showed much higher water usage in Bee Cave and Bee Cave South than other areas - including the 290/HPR corridor - but fixed charges that were the other way around. Staff proposed moving to a single area wide charge, meaning a signifcant reduction outside the Bee Cave area. The changes were approved.


Homestead residents will continue to pay an additional fee to offset the cost of their connection in 2006 - which will run for 30 years.



Research also showed that 9% of area homes/small businesses used 35K gallons per month or more - those 9% use 36% of all retail water consumed in the area. The PUA staff proposed options ramping their high usage rates. Option 3 was approved. Both changes take effect with Jan 2014 billing cycles.






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