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Monday, 19th February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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620 Update after TxDOT meeting


Lakeway City Mayor Joe Bain and City Manager Steve Jones met with Victor Vargas from TxDOT earlier this month. Several key decisions were communicated on Joe Bain's blog about the outcome.



  1. TxDOT will lengthen the timing on the left turn from HEB onto RR 620 and split the signals and make a 2 lane left there.  This should improve the issue of cars waiting to turn left.  This should happen in the next few weeks. 
  2. Also discussed were the re-striping and turn barriers on 620 and Murfin Rd. and the Southern end of Bella Montagna Cir. at 620.  The blind turn and high speeds have caused issues at these intersections. 
  3. TxDOT are also working on light timing on 620 -  to improve the light timing issues
  4. No news yet on any major improvements for 620.  That project is in the early environmental stages.

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