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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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HCG presents future vision to P&Z



The management of the Hill Country Galleria presented to the Bee Cave City P&Z committee last night (Tuesday January 19th). We have a few details and some interesting artist's renderings;



Their statement included:

  • Owners of Hill Country Galleria are looking to make customer-centric improvements to the property in order to make it more comfortable, convenient and safer.
  • Improvements are geared to make the center more pedestrian friendly, such as shade canopies, wider walkways, and enhanced landscaping and outdoor seating options.
  • Also proposing a redevelopment of the amphitheater into a central plaza that would connect with the front door of the library.
  • "We’d like to create a civic space that is not only safer, but also one that the community can enjoy more frequently and in a variety of ways."

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