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Sunday, 20th April 2014

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Backyard to join movie studio plan


It appears that Backyard owners Tim O'Connor, his backer John Paul DiJoria (of Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila fame) are joining with local developer Chris Milam in his plan to bring a movie studio to Bee Cave.

In plans unveiled at Bee Cave P&Z Tuesday night (Jan 22nd) a second lot using the Backyard was shown - to add to the previous plan for The Terrace on Bee Cave Parkway behind the Galleria.


The Live Oak Amphitheater would remain but be joined by a Hotel, restaurants, shops, offices and studio buildings. Two filings are expected from the concept plan.

Sure - Because nothing says Bee Cave like a half-finished dirt road movie studio.
This will be a first class entertainment center. I am sure the roads and highway construction will be next. I live in Austin and wanted to move back to Bee Caves area and this will bring me back. I am a commercial photographer and have shot stills for film. Anyone know where and who I can contact about space and photography? De Ann Hoeft
Let's hope someone has the forethought to get TXDOT onboard and committed to infrastructure improvements. The roads are already a nightmare without adding a bunch of semis moving props and gawkers. And what about concessions to get a sewer system - since we're out of wastewater space the way it is.
I think its an exciting idea and will bring all kinds of business to the area. I say YES if its done nicely
i guess some people would rather have paint stores or mini markets that go in and out of business. no thank you, let's do this right, SUPPORT THIS STUDIO! we need responsible tax payers that will be a benefit, not the same old same old generic town that could be anywhere. not too many places have a studio of this capacity in their state. we'd be fools not to support this.
don't mind the studio but we do not need six stages and 6000
people invading bee cave. The Bee Cave comprehensive plan limits the number of apartments/condos to single family housing. No to the Terrace. The five story parking garages need to go. Ladera get ready for some loud music
The music has always been here. I think developers should think about where they are building homes especially with a business that has been here for 21 years.
The current location is less than four years old.
The 6 indoor stages are for the movie studios, not for music. The new but unfinished Backyard would remain but be finally finished to mitigate sound and vibration with acoustic experts and accommodate 1,500 fewer people. The project would be set in a park-like setting, including a Texas Music Legends Sculpture Garden, pond, lots of trees, and places to eat.
The Terrace would include a scenic overlook for stopping to view, photograph, and contemplate the amazing canyon-lands preserve primitive to Bee Cave. It would include offices, a few restaurants, and high-end Condos which our area currently has none to offer as an alternative in life-style choices.
There would be very limited surface parking as the Developer is investing in garages instead, including 1 fully underground.
The benefits outweigh any cons, especially when weighed against alternative developers and uses for that land.
With that said, the devil is in the has to look and feel super nice for it to be worthy of being welcome in Bee Cave.



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