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Friday, 19th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Covert to solve traffic problem with shared light at Nitro? - UPDATED


Detailed review of the Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) that the City of Bee cave received this week from Covert reveals some interesting traffic solutions that involve building a  light and driveway that would emerage at a newly planned light at the western edge of near neighbor Nitro Swim on 71.


The solution calims to connect the Covert development to the west drive of Nitro and builds a light there. It would cross Summit 56 Lot 1 (until now believed to be owned by Rocky Navarro (see below). After the light is built most entrances in the are become "right in/right out" only - attempting to solve the line of sight left turn issues on a road with no "chicken" lane and some significant hills and dips.


Both the person we thought to be the owner of the intervening property (Rocky Navarro - see below where he claims he has no interest) and the owner of Nitro (Mike Koleber) have told us they have no knowledge of any such deal.


The Falconhead West light built by the developer cost a rumored $800,000 so this is a significant investment by Covert and a major potential help to Nitro - itself a target of traffic danger based criticism.


We reached out to Nitro owner Mike Koleber for comments on the deal - and he replied: "At this time, I don’t have any real knowledge of the plans for driveways, joint access, etc., as they may pertain to the site west of us.".


When I asked him how that could be based on the Covert document, he said - "I may be just as confused as you are on this, or more of being just not informed. I have not been contacted, but I have not sought out information either, so not sure if I’m privy to it. My understanding is that we purchased a tract of land that was a part of a bigger tract. It had been subdivided up into pieces, and we purchased one of those pieces and were given the OK to build the swim center. I don’t know of the plans for the rest of the property, or how the developers intend to proceed. That being said – if a signal light is in the future, I would be in huge favor of that for it would help the folks making left hand turns into our facility, and help the folks making left hand turns out of our facility"


Moving on to the developer Rocky Navarro (who we originally thought owned and/or sold Covert their land in question), when asked if he is granting some kind of easement to allow a connecting road across the intervening lot which he still owns - said "No idea, ask the City".


Since then Mr Navarro has sent us this communication copied to his attorney - apparently denying any involvement with any of these lots. We have asked him for clarification as most area sources think he is the one who sold land to Nitro and Golf and Guitaer (Lots 2 &3 of Summit 56). The "bridge" lot is Lot 1 :


Dear Sir,

Please retract your report that had very wrong and misleading information:

1) Rocky Navarro did NOT sell Covert any land, nor has ever been part of that Keller Williams Covert sale transaction.

2) Rocky Navarro is NOT the developer of property in Bee Cave, nor it's ETJ nor any land associated with Covert.

I would appreciate you correcting these misleading reports ASAP.


Rocky Navarro


The analysis was received too late for P&Z at it's Oct 1 meeting and has been pushed off to Oct 15 for review. The City is now investigating the legality of what looks like a unilateral plan developed by Covert with no apparent discussion with other parties. There may be a driveway easement between the properties but permission would still probably be needed.




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