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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

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District staff gets ‘high five’ for making a difference


With balloons and lapel pins in hand, Lake Travis Independent School District officials recently recognized four employees as recipients of the ‘LT High5 Award.’


The LT High5 Award was developed a year ago by LTISD Superintendent Dr. Brad Lancaster and his senior staff to honor employee outstanding service beyond self.


“Lake Travis ISD is an exemplary district because of the high-quality staff who work here,” Dr. Lancaster said.  “Five times a year, we will recognize District employees who have exceeded their regular work duties through the performance of good deeds and selfless acts of which have had a positive impact on either their fellow colleagues, students, parents or the Lake Travis community.” 


Accompanied by Dr. Chris Allen, LTISD Deputy Superintendent, and Holly Morris-Kuentz, LTISD Assistant Superintendent for Human Resource Services, Dr. Lancaster surprised the following employees at their respective workplaces with the announcement: 


  • Angie Steadtler - Bus Driver, Transportation; Vicki Lippe - Bus Monitor, Transportation


“Every morning Angie Steadtler and Vicki Lippe greet us with a smile,” wrote Jennifer Delmark, Pamela Hyde and Toni Turner, LTISD Transportation Department staff, in their co-nomination of Ms. Steadtler and Ms. Lippe.  “When the bus door opens, happiness flows.  They always tell us what our students have been doing.  Whether it is singing the alphabet song or talking about the bus decorations which are amazing, their ‘above and beyond’ attitudes help our students transition more easily from home to school.  Vicki and Angie are truly the best transportation team we have ever worked with.  Their bus is always festive and inviting.  For every holiday, they completely deck out their bus and make it look welcoming.  Their bus is clean no matter what kind of weather we have.  It is really difficult to get the stairs on a bus spotless, but they take pride in getting the stairs and their entire bus spotless.  They are a great team to work with and truly love their kids.  Making a difference is a choice.  Vicki and Angie choose that path daily.”


  • Marcia England – Special Education Aide, Lakeway Elementary School


“I work closely with her on a daily basis,” wrote Joy Crenshaw, Lakeway Elementary School teacher and colleague, in her co-nomination of Ms. England.  “She is someone that always goes the extra mile for the students that she works with, as well as the

other students at Lakeway that she has gotten to know over the years.  She is a personthat will anticipate a need and help with it.  Nobody has to ask her.  The students that she works with absolutely love working with her. The students work well with Mrs. England because she has high expectations, but also because of her caring nature.  The students know, that and they rise to the occasion.”

“Marcia can calm students, help them engage in the lesson, and provides meaningful support as they gain mastery of the learning content,” stated Sam Hicks, Lakeway Elementary School principal, in his co-nomination of Ms. England.  “She has a special gift for working with her students.  She arrives to work early to help prepare for the day and is ready to go when needed.  She is a wonderful asset to our campus and team.”


  • Kristin Reilly – Coordinator, LTISD Child Development Center


“My son is in the one-year-old room and I see Kristen hard at work from 7am to 5pm,” wrote Sheri Bates, Hudson Bend Middle School teacher and LTISD Child Care parent, in her nomination of Ms. Reilly.  “If a teacher is running late or can’t find a sub, Kristen is there to fill in.  She says the best part of her job is playing with the children.  Come by after 4pm and you’ll see her in the playground surrounded by kids.  Kristen hasn’t worked at LT for an entire year, yet she knows all the children by first names and they adore her.  One thing that stands out about Kristen is she always has the parents in mind.  Every morning, Kristen literally stands outside in the freezing cold, rain or shine, just to make sure the CDC parents’ parking spaces are available before school.  She knows everyone of us by car, first name and child.  You know the coordinator is a hit with the kids when your one year old is waving at Kristen every morning.  It makes a huge difference to see someone take such interest in not only our kids, but the parents.  Another benefit of having Kristen in LTISD is she is a plethora of knowledge.  Many times she has put my mind at ease when I have questions about a brand of food or product I’ve heard about.  Where she finds time to email parents back with all her running around, I don’t know.  I am truly grateful for all her love and support.  The Child Development Center is a huge success because of her and all the wonderful staff she’s hired to watch our little ones.”


     Each of the honorees also received a certificate of recognition at the LTISD regular school board meeting held February 17. 


     For more information, contact the Lake Travis ISD Office of Communications at (512) 533-6046.



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