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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Welcome to the new Bee Cave Bee site


Welcome to the new, sleek and faster - a whole new platform designed to improve its performance, reliability and layout.

Feel free to leave comments on this story here or on the new site. After four years we needed to move to a new Joomla content management system version and update and delete a lot of old content.
Among the changes you will notice are:
  • simplified menus with new sections (some still under development)
  • a new slimmer header/logo so more news is visible
  • Some areas with missing or dummy articles and ads as we flesh out new content
Some things will be "reset" as part of the process - unfortunate, and perhaps annoying, but essential to clean up the database.
  • the most recent 100 stories or so will be copied over
  • your comments will eventually be copied over on the most recent stories, too but right now they are missing.
  • your account will not be transferred (we have over 5,000 "bot" accounts to deal with and we're adding a new "captcha" to stop them in future) so you'll need to re-register to get coupons, weekly e-mails and downloads
  • Our e-mail list will be updated after a few weeks hand over period




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