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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Water billing outrage grows



As the WTCPUA recovers from this month's major system leak, pressure is growing for a thorough investigation of a large number of billing issues faced by area customers.



There appear to be three major factors:


1. There has been a 17-23% price increase including higher prices in higher usage bands during the time the watering restrictions went on and came off during the spring drought.



2. Many customer question the amount of water used as shown by the meter versus the same time last year and other recent months.


3. The WTCPUA appears to be reticent to investigate systematic problems that may be causing the issue. That includes a change of billing company and claims that there is some kind of software system problem.


The WTCPUA has no comment on the issue or on a number of local efforts to institute legal actions including several class action suits.


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