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Sunday, 18th February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Hatchett decision delayed again


At last week's WTCPUA meeting no decision was made to supply water to the Hatchett development on HPR.


This highly contentious development started life as Masonwood West, but is now seemingly names "The Province". It first consisted of almost 1,800 homes on 900 acres but is now being proposed as 700 homes on 400 acres.


A decision is expected in January once it has been agreed what proportion of the capital costs of system expansion will be borne by the developer and what will be borne by existing customers. The current proposal is for the developer to cover about $5MM of a total of $7-8MM.


Impervious cover will be capped at 20% and the developer will also pay around $1.5MM in impact fees as homes are connected. Water quality measures will be held to the original OEM and not replaced with a proposed MOU with lower standards





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