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Friday, 23rd February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Development combo OK'd


Bee Cave City Council has given a go ahead for both the Backyard and Terrace developments - the latter with some changes.


Councilwoman Michelle Bliss outlined the major compromises on ordinances made on the Backyard - which was passed unanimously:

  • Music venue height - allowed 70', asked for 50'
  • Music venue capacity - allowed 7500, asked for 3400
  • Music venue hours - as allowed
  • Trailers (like rvs) for music venue - allowed 10, asked for 10
  • Trailers for movie studios - didn't ask for them originally, asked for 20
  • No trees cut down on 75' buffer - allowed to mow originally but not cut down trees, asked for same, except for when they have a diseased tree, they can only remove with city approval
  • Accessory building - allowed one at 25' high, asked for none
  • Building height hotel - allowed 50', asked for 47'
  • Building height office/retail - allowed 35', asked for 47' (this was a variance)
  • Open space requirement - required to have 20%, actual 21%
  • Noise level - allowed 85 db at property line, asked for 85db
  • Impervious cover credit for grass pavers - allowed 100%, asked for 50%


The developer is also almost doubling the landscape required, the stage is turned to face away from most of the housing, installing public tennis courts in city park and a splash pad (and will maintain those for 20 years). They're also going to designate 20 parking sports in the garage adjacent to the courts for parking.


The Terrace was passed by a 4 to 2 majority after a lengthy debate, and the developer agreed to lower the height on the two office buildings closest to the parkway and sink one floor of one of the parking garages below grade.





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