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Friday, 31st October 2014

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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HCG Festival round up


Saturday June 28th saw the new format HCG Independence Day Festival - organized in association with the same company that runs the downtown Pecan Street events.


Running from 4 pm to midnight, the vendor booths were heavily concentrated around the amphitheater area where there was constant live music. Main Street was not used as in prior years except from Barnes & Noble up to the Cinemark building.


Vendor turnout seemed lighter than in previous years with fewer home improvement type booths and art/craft purveyors.


Attendance seemed very healthy, peaking at 9pm when the smaller "kid's" firework display took place. At that time a large number of people left but a considerable crowd remained for the much larger 11 pm fireworks.


There was some criticism of the "split" display format - mostly about how small the 9 pm display was.


Generally the event met with positive response - it will be interesting to see what format the organizers go with in 2015.

The 9p fireworks were awful. When it was done, my kids looked bewildered...kind of a "what was that?" look. Our vote is to scrap the 9 and do one huge show at 10. Go big or go home! Other that the fireworks letdown, we had a great time!
I agree with the above statement. Not only were the 9pm fireworks lame, but we couldn't see most of them from the street next to the amphitheater. Major let down. Do one BIG show at dark-thirty.
Thankful for fireworks at HCG, but the 9pm show did disappoint my little ones. Like the commenters said above, there should just be one large show at dark-thirty.
Agreed. Dark Thirty for one fireworks show would have worked well for kids and everybody else, too.
On Facebook they are claiming 30,000 attendees - can that be right? That's a huge number...
Facebook you say? Must be right then. Facebook never lies. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Facebook is The Matrix. Y'all are just too enamored with it to realize it.



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