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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

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New sports facilities at Abercorn


Abercorn International School has announced that it has recently completed a new sports area at the back of their School.


“We are pleased to have improved the Sports area at the rear of the school building to better meet the needs of our older Primary school students” states Mrs. Dusty Fretwell, Headmistress of Abercorn. “The range of outdoor facilities for our younger students has been, and continues to be, exceptional, but this latest addition of Sports space now addresses the needs of the older students more effectively and we look forward to seeing a broader range of sporting activities taking place.”
Preparing the sports area involved all of the Abercorn community including most importantly the children, who dug into the project with excitement, laying grass and helping the contractors on a daily basis.


Coach Campaigne, head of PE at Abercorn had this to say about the new sports area: “Abercorn’s new sports field is a welcome addition to our PE curriculum not only because students now have access to dedicated play space, but we now have the suitable space to teach the children team sports such as soccer, lacrosse and many other field sports during PE and recess.”


“The Sports Area is the latest addition to our wonderful School facility and is part of our commitment to providing excellent facilities and resources for our students.” Said Alex Greystoke, President of Abercorn International School. “Our older children can now play team sports, in addition to using our 3D printers and blogging with children from around the World.”



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