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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

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Bee Cave City answers Morningside traffic complaints


The City of Bee Cave takes an unusual step and issues a Press Release to answer criticisms about the Morningside development near Falconhead.


Press Release - May 21st 2014 - "Due to the resent construction along RR620, south of Falconhead Blvd., the City has received numerous complaints and questions regarding the residential development associated with the work on RR620. The following press release is issued in order to inform the public of the timeline and agreements on the tract known as the “Morningside” tract in the City of Bee Cave.


In October, 1985 the owner of the Morningside tract submitted and obtained approval for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) on the tract from the City of Austin. The Morningside tract was in the City of Austin Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) until the Village of Bee Cave became a village in 1987. Upon incorporation as a Village in 1987, the City of Austin relinquished the tract into the Village of Bee Cave’s ETJ.


State law limits a City’s regulatory authority in the ETJ to subdivision of land, signage and non-point source pollution (NPS). A city does not have authority to regulate zoning (uses) in the ETJ.


In July 2000, the Village of Bee Cave and the owner of the Morningside tract entered into a development agreement whereby the owner agreed to comply with ordinances in effect in July 2000; building could be a maximum of four stories, 326,100 square feet of office/retail/ condominiums; 35% impervious cover and 70% removal of pollutants for water quality. The owner also agreed to annexation once the tract was contiguous to the City limits of Bee Cave, which is a requirement of State law in Texas.


In May 2003, the City approved amendment #1 to the development agreement which increased impervious cover from 35% to 40% but also increased the percentage on water quality to 80%. The height of buildings was limited to 35-feet; maximum size of building was 120,000 square feet and uses were office/retail/residential (including condominiums) and neighborhood services.


In April 2009, the City approved the 2nd amendment which deleted the requirement of an internal public roadway on the tract. All driveways internal to the project would be private.


In March 2012, the City approved the 3rd amendment which allowed 40% impervious cover with 90% removal of pollutants for water quality (current code); buildings to meet current architectural standards; no building footprint over 15,000 square feet; 62 detached single-family and 320 single-family attached condominium units; all units in a condominium regime. The overall density of the site is 11.52 units per acre.


RR620, Hwy. 71, Hamilton Pool Road and Bee Cave Road, are under the control of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), not the City of Bee Cave. All traffic signals are controlled by TxDOT and TxDOT issues permits for all curb cuts along these roads.


If you have any further questions, please contact City Manager Frank Salvato at (512) 767-6611 or Assistant City Manager Travis Askey at (512) 767-6614."



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