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Tuesday, 23rd September 2014

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Election turnout lowest for years?


Reliable sources of local election statistics show that early voting is running at well under half of last year's level. In particular Falconhead and Falconhead West residents appear to be turning out in particularly significant lower numbers - last year they were heavily motivated by the Covert car dealership issue.


Last year two thirds of the votes were cast during early voting and if that trend continues voter turnout will be very low indeed and may only number in the hundreds. Candidates and council members are trying to increase turnout but with no key issues of contention there seems to be little incentive.

less to do with a lack of controversy than who cares. Bee Cave is just a line drawn around an area on a map, without any central district or, sense of place. Mayberry RFD had more character, community and sense of place than Bee Cave.
Interesting that none of the candidates are taking positions concerning employment within the city.

How about raising the minimum wage within the city so that more of the folks working within the city can afford to live within the city rather than commuting?

So the same workers have to pay more for goods and services?
Sure. But I don't think the local prices will rise, mainly because of price competition from the surrounding area.
Workers of the World Unite ! Why don't you just find a job in Austin?



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