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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

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Council Candidates questioned on "Movie Studio" project - UPDATED


In a attempt to simplify the voter's understanding of where the five candidates stand on  key issues I sent all of them a note on the morning of April 30th giving them until the end of day on May 1st to respond to this - one of three questions:


Question: "Do you support the current outline for the "movie studio complex" as presented at Milam's public forum? If not is there a modification or two that would garner your support? Does your support include granting PID status?"


Candidates Goodwin, Coleman chose not to respond, but Matzen submitted his answers on Friday the 2nd.


Carrell Killebrew responded first with :

"Within the limits of what I know so far, I provisionally support the movie studio concept with modifications:

  • No condos.
  • Building height not to exceed ordinances (dig down).
  • Acoustic dampening with bonded performance in case the initial design is insufficient.
  • Bike & pedestrian crossings to link the entire proposal together instead of requiring more car traffic through the Bee Cave Parkway/RR620 intersection
  • PID support for structural improvements, such as bike crossings to link parts of Bee Cave to each other - that should have priority over a PID for putting lipstick on the pig; landscaping can wait."


Marie Lowman came next saying:

"What was presented during the Town Hall was appealing, I like the concept, but have concerns over the Condo Housing as well as the traffic mitigation proposal.  It is premature for me to speculate with regards to granting PID status.  I would like to see the PDD presented without the amenities that would only come should a PID be granted.  Additionally, I would like the vote for PDD and PID to be separated.  A clear picture of the PDD without the PID would allow citizens and council to see transparently what granting the PID would afford the city."


Tom Matzen's reply:

"I am certainly “in the ball park” with regards to the Studio and Condo project.  I have heard a good deal of public sentiment for such a unique property and feel there is negotiation of sorts to be had with the developers so it can be a win/win for everyone.  I have questions about building heights and how the traffic flow would work and would consider those my 2 possible modifications. As for the PID process, assuming the asset ratio makes sense and the improvements are truly wanted by the community, I would lean towards supporting the PID."



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