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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Council elections – four weeks to go


Saturday May 10th is Election Day in Bee Cave – and a majority of four council seats are up for grabs. Early voting is Apr 28 to May 6 at City Hall and all Travis County voting locations. Election Day voting is only at City Hall.


You can keep up with open questions that we put to the candidates via our FaceBook group HERE.

Mayor Caroline Murphy will be returned unopposed.

There are only two candidates standing to fill the single unexpired one-year term of Paul Kline. One will be elected:

  • John Colman, resident of The Homestead
  • Marie Lowman, P&Z member, resident of The Uplands - moving to The Homestead

There are three candidates for the two “normal” 2 year seats left vacant by Zelda Auslander and Steve Braasch stepping down:

  • Bill Goodwin, current council member and resident of The Homestead
  • Tom Matzen, resident of Falconhead West
  • Carrell Killebrew, resident of The Homestead

As of this week, candidates are very quiet on the election trail although both Killebrew and Lowman have signs in the Galleria area. No-one seems to have dropped any direct mail in the City and we are only getting reports of Lowman yard signs going up - in the Uplands, Falconhead West and some in the Homestead. Mike Murphy stepped down and endorsed Lowman.

Here is the latest info we have on web sites:




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