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Sunday, 29th March 2015

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Election latest - updated


Four out of six seats on the Bee Cave City Council come up for election this year. The mayor, two tow year terms and one one year term are up for voting.


We have confirmed that the following have taken action:

  • Incumbent Mayor Caroline Murphy has confirmed she is running
  • Incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Steve Braasch has confirmed he is stepping down
  • Incumbent Bill Goodwin has confirmed he will stand
  • Incumbent Zelda Auslander has confirmed she is running but is undecided on what term
  • Former member jack McCool has collected a packet but has not confirmed he is standing
I stand for so much that I feel no choice but to remain on Council as long as I reasonably can...creating one of the most unique cities in Texas with natural and artistic beauty, amenities that bring superior quality of life, and economic vibrancy for residents and businesses alike has become part of my life's work. My contribution to the team is palpable and necessary in my view, especially when combined with over 10 years of direct history and experience.
Zelda, we are proud of your commitment and dedication to our town. Your efforts as well as others on the council have kept the integrity of our "village" in tact as it has turned into a town. Thank you all for keeping our best interests in mind as our community grows and prospers.
Zelda, thank you so much for your efforts in spearheading the extended trail system in Bee Cave!!! Will be nice to use them more when the weather warms up...
Actually it was Don Waldon who spearheaded the trail system by donating the Falconhead West land to the City of Bee Cave.....
I appreciate him donating that too but I was referring to the article in the Statesman today
Scott Morledge with Ash Creek homes is actually the one doing all the leg work to gain access to the properties needed
to connect the trails between the high school and the park. He has been working on it for a year or more.
Why elect someone, who from the beginning of their original election several years ago, had no regard to the environment, the land nor how the first village for Bee Cave was to be carefully planned for the beauty of the area? Money was exchanged fast in purchase and building on the most beautiful stretch of a highway. The monies went into what would make more money at that time. A sprawling area on highway 71 was poured in cement and the Mall, Galleria, was built. The original people elected should have had experts study the area and developed around the environment and land, not by people who were only interested in money in their pockets. Bee Cave needs people who are interested in the needs of the people and best for the tax payers and not what will just make one council member continue to say, "I', "I", "I'.
Don Walden worked for over five years to create the trail system next to Falconhead West. The inception of that trail system on 150 acres of beautiful Hill Country land in the City of Bee Cave was his idea from the beginning and he was relentless in pursuing it in spite of numerous obstacles. Now it is finally a reality.
We use those trails all the time - love them. One other plug for Don - he has been a great advocate for issues at City Hall meetings as well. I don't recall being at any other meetings where the developers came to speak on the residents behalf.
Anonymous wrote:
Why elect someone, who from the beginning of their original election several years ago, had no regard to the environment, the land nor how the first village for Bee Cave was to be carefully planned for the beauty of the area?.

The keyword is 'elect'. The definition of elect is to choose someone to hold public office or some other position by voting. There are two candidates that have not run a campaign to get elected in years. I believe maybe even a decade. I believe this puts any official out of touch with the public they represent. The elections are canceled when all are un-opposed. I see a lot of complaining, but few that are willing to step up to the plate and run a campaign. If we are truly that unsatisfied with the people sitting there 'elected' or not, then surely every position will be contested this election.
WELL WHOEVER DOES RUN should look to Steve B as an example of HOW to behave. Thank you for your service Steve. These other stacked comments are very telling of what is going on up there. Get it together people and act professionally.
One of those two candidates mentioned above is Zelda Auslander. Quite telling indeed.



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