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Monday, 22nd January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Bee Cave passes objection to Masonwood plan


Within 24 hours of the confirmed receipt by the County of a plat for building on the Hatchett tract on Hamilton Pool Road - a development known as Masonwood West - the City of Bee Cave unanimously passed a motion objecting to the development. Although Masonwood West is in neither the City nor its ETJ the City has objected to impacts it will have in the area - primarily on pollution of Little Barton Creek and on traffic density grounds.


The document (attached - registration required) give the Mayor and City Manager very wide powers to object, protest and potentially litigate against the developers to protect their interests.

The County has not yet released copies of the filed plat version - so the number of homes and compliance with the recently increased standards imposed by the PUA are unknown. Nor is it known if and how the County has been placed on notice about the recent changes made by the PUA. This includes the mysterious status of the letter offering water service for 1,800 units that is continually referred to as a "draft" by PUA staff and Board members but is widely circulating without the word "DRAFT" on it and is signed by the PUA's GM Don Rauschuber.



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