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Monday, 22nd January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Masonwood West sent back to drawing board by PUA


At today's WTCPUA Board meeting (Nov 21) a huge crowd of locals turned out to protest the planned 1,600 home development slated for the Hatchett tract on Hamilton Pool Road - known as Masonwood West.


With public comments that ranged from simple criticism of the way the Board has reversed previous requirements placed on nearby developments like Rocky Creek, right up to veiled claims of back room dealings, the Board seemed to quickly move to a mood of compromise.


After an hour of public comment, a brief rebuttal attempt by the developer's attorney and a brief executive session to consult with their attorneys, the Board moved to craft a motion in public.


Although Directors Murphy and Goodwin led the discussions, it was Hays County appointee Scott Roberts who actually proposed the motion which, once adjusted, passed unanimously.


The motion not only reversed the changes to application of the so called MOU and brought back all of its stricter requirements but it also extended those requirement to new water requests systemwide that were outside the City of Bee Cave - which has its own "rules".


It is possible further examples may be found of jurisdictions that can override the PUA which staff may add to refine the motion. Meantime it will apply to any new applicants on 71  West or HPR seeking water from the PUA.



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