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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Big turnout expected for PUA meeting on the 21st


WTCPUA (our water authority for the area) meets on the 21st of November at 9 am at Bee Cave City Hall. The planned Masonwood West development of 1,600 homes down Hamilton Pool Road is on the agenda and numerous local groups are expected to turn up to voice their opposition to the current provisional service offer being made to the developer.


The development is currently proposed on 900+ acres oppostie Crumley Ranch Road. The key questions being asked of the PUA remain those raised at the City Council meeting on the 12th by numerous HPR corridor and local residents and by local developer Don Walden;

1. Is there enough water to meet this an existing demand?

2. Does the deal done by the LCRA for the provision of water in the area cover this development and bind the PUA? The so called MOU with the TX Fish and Wildlife Service covered this and other pipelines but has recently been changed.

3. Why was their so little public information about the development and no public discussions prior to the agreement being reached?




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