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Friday, 19th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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1600 home development for HPR?


Planning has begun for a development called the Hatchett tract on Hamilton Pool Road opposite Rocky Creek and behind the RV park with around 1600 homes plus some commercial and possible multi-family/senior living accomodations.


Planned to be built over a 10 year project, the developer is building a system for treating wastewater like Rocky Creek. They are in the early phases of working with the WTC PUA to determine cost of improvements required to provide the water service via the line on Hamilton Pool and down 71.  The developer will pay upgrading expenses to serve the project and pay annual reservation fees to keep capacity reserved in the line until build out is complete.

Here is the plan (a pdf is attached for a larger view).


Download this file (HatchettTract.pdf)HatchettTract.pdf[Hatchett Tract plan - registration required]3950 Kb



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