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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

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Lakeway to allow car dealerships on 620 and 71


Lakeway City Council passed its C4 zoning last night - which allows for one car dealership to be built on 71 near Serene Hills in Lakeway City limits. This is their web posting from last night.

"Lakeway City Council on Oct. 21 unanimously approved an amendment to the city’s zoning ordinances to create a C-4 zoning classification that would allow auto sales in city limits only on RM 620 or SH 71.


The new classification requires auto dealerships to be at least 2 miles from another C-4 zoned area, on a minimum lot size of 20 acres and only at intersections with traffic signals.


City staff members met with residents near Clara Van Trail and RM 620, where the first C-4 zone is under consideration, and incorporated their input and components of the city's Comprehensive Plan into the amendment.


After conducting a public hearing at their Oct. 2 meeting, Zoning and Planning Commissioners also recommended approval of the amendment.

C-4 zoning is:
•A minimum lot size of 20 acres;
•A location only at a signalized intersection;
•A location separated from R-1 and R-1* residential zoning;
•A location at least 2 miles from another C-4 zoned area;
•A limit of 40% impervious cover;
•The sale of more new cars than used cars;
•The sale of cars of one make per dealership;
•Lighting compliant with city’s light ordinance;
•Buildings no higher than 37 feet;
•Building setbacks of 100 feet and buffer zones of 50 feet;
•Hours of operation within 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.;
•Any fuel storage tank to be buried;
•Existing trees and topography retained to fullest extent possible.
•Permanent structures on-site for make ready, detail, and wash facilities;
•A location devoid of on-site advertising such as inflatables, balloons and window art or stickers; and,
•A location devoid of outdoor speakers or paging systems.

C-4 zoning is not:
•Zoning that would allow a “motor mile” of contiguous car dealerships;
•Zoning that would allow a “big box” or mega-dealership of multiple makes and models;
•Zoning that evidence has shown to have a negative effect on property values; and,
•Zoning that would have a detrimental effect on Lakeway’s quality of life.

What happens next:
Lexus of Austin and property owner Larry Niemann have submitted applications for rezoning and platting of 20-plus acres of land at the intersection of Clara Van and RM 620, and for approval of a preliminary plan related to development of an automotive sales and service facility.


All of the items are scheduled for public hearings and deliberation during the November Zoning and Planning and City Council meetings Nov. 6 and Nov. 18, respectively.


If approved in November, the rezoning request would result in the first use of the city’s new zoning designation, C-4, Automotive Sales and Service, at Clara Van and RM 620, which was previously zoned C-1 commercial.


Approval of the preliminary plan, a document which essentially illustrates the site layout and demonstrates compliance with applicable zoning and development codes, is the first step in the process of developing the project.


Lakeway City Manager Steve Jones noted the minimal effect an auto dealership held to stringent C-4 zoning standards would have compared to the myriad of uses permitted under C-1 zoning.


“At one time, a grocery store had expressed interest in opening a location at this site that could have exceeded 80,000 square feet and required larger parking lots,” Jones recalled. “I think the community will benefit from the possible addition of a business that features a much smaller footprint, blends in with the neighborhood and enhances Lakeway’s quality of life.”



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