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Friday, 19th January 2018

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Outgoing Kline piles on criticism in Statesman article


Paul Kline, who recently resigned his Bee Cave City Council seat after just four month's service continued to pile criticism on his colleagues in an interview with the Austin American Statesman newspaper.


Kline - who has repeatedly refused to comment to the Bee Cave Bee and whose supporters repeatedly claimed that the wording of his resignation letter was NOT critical said today:


“I didn’t feel like there was a lot I could do to influence council,” Kline said in an interview. “I was not adding value, and from a council direction standpoint there was nothing I was able to do. I could join the majority, but as far as anything I hoped to accomplish, I didn’t have the backing of most of the council, and was not likely to be effective.”


In his resignation he said he felt ineffective due to the “current council composition,” and that this was his primary reason for resigning.


Speaking of his request to change the day of the meeting after 15+ years and his support for video conferencing:


“I got grief for missing a couple of meetings, but what I found is that some of who I consider the best council members we’ve had missed a ton of meetings,” Kline said. “Some people have very busy work schedules and travel very frequently, and if council would accommodate that, I think we’d have more candidates interested (in running for council).”


On the subject of standing again he said:


“I wouldn’t rule it out,” he said. “We’ll see how dynamics change in terms of travel, and if there were a group of folks with a similar vision for the city.”




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