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Friday, 19th January 2018

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Kline recusal raising questions


As the post mortem continues into Councilman Paul Kline's resignation last week, the focus is on his recusal from discussing the very Covert dealership on Highway 71 that propelled him to garner the second largest number of votes in the May election.


The key question arising is how his basis for recusal (with input from City Attorney Patty Akers) did not also impact fellow Falconhead West resident and anti-Covert campaigner Kara King, elected at the same time.


On the recusal form signed on that Tuesday in question (August 27th) Kline states "I own property in Falconhead West which is in close proximity to property under discussion" which (the form states) "may have a special economic effect on the business entity or real property distinguishable from the effects on the public".


Then, in a revised statement on the BeeCaveBee on Facebook group Wednesday night (Sept 4th) Kline provided these words;


"I filled out my disclosure form while sitting next to the city attorney and after direct discussion. I have made public statements in the past about the direct impact of the project on the value of my property. That scenario constitutes a conflict based on the advice I was given. This was the only conflict I had and was the only thing that would require me to recuse."


This statement draws the distinction that he has actually made public statements that Covert building on 71 would impact his property values, raising the question of whether King has ever done the same thing.


A previous statement (sent Tuesday night Sept 3rd) was removed from Facebook at Kline's request. It was much longer than the final version and specifically denied the recently circulating rumors that his employment may have given a basis for his recusal. Rumors of a change of his employment during the recent months remain unsubstantiated. Kline has refused - on mutliple occasions - to confirm where he currently works.




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