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Monday, 22nd January 2018

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Kline quits - criticizes fellow council members in process


Documents released to today confirm the recent rumors that Councilman Paul Kline has quit his seat and shows he criticized his colleagues on Council as he left office.


His letter to Mayor Caroline Murphy (sent mid afternoon on Friday the 30th) reads;


Mayor Murphy,

As you are aware, my recent travel schedule has made full participation on the City Council a significant challenge.  This challenge is difficult, but not insurmountable.  However, I need to weigh the difficulty against what good I can do in the role.  When I ran for the office, I did so on the premise of pushing the city to accelerate the pace.  Based on the current council composition, I do not believe I can be effective in that regard.  It is better for me to step aside in favor of someone who can perhaps better influence the council, or at least have better availability.  Therefore, please accept this communication as notice of my resignation from the Bee Cave City Council effective immediately.  Hopefully, circumstances will change in the future and I’ll have another opportunity to help the city.

I strongly urge Bill Goodwin be asked to fill my seat.  Since he had the next highest vote total, he is the only rational choice.


Paul Kline"


Kline had recused himself earlier this week from even participating in any Covert discussion on the basis that he "owns property in Falconhead West which is in close proximity to property under discussion".  It is not known why Kline did not disclose that he would recuse on the key Covert issue during the election nor why Councilwoman King (who also lives in Falconhead West) did not also recuse herself.


Council were also waiting for legal imput on any decision to allow videoconferencing by Council members. Kline's tenure had been plagued by non-attendance and he even requested that Council change its entire schedule to accomodate his travel at one time.


We have reached out to Paul Kline, to the other members of Council and to Bill Goodwin for comment and will keep you posted. Since last evening Kline has not responded to multiple direct questions about the rumors of his resignation but has made numerous negative comments about The Bee's journalistic integrity.


The letter above was provided this (Sunday) morning in response to a formal request to City staff.



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