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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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"Annexation week" for Bee Cave?


In May of this year Bee Cave became a "Home Rule" City and - as such - now has the ability to annex surrounding land (its "ETJ" or Extraterritorial Jurisdiction).


Most of the interest in this process was driven by the desire to annex the 108 acres of land on 71 that is to be developed into a car dealership (or two) by the Covert family.


The two public hearings on that property are being held this week - one at the regular City Council meeting on Tuesday the 13th at 6 pm at City Hall, the other on Thursday evening the 15th at a special meeting at the same place and time.


In addtion, City Council will consider a motion Tuesday night on annexing the property consisting of 58 acres around the Home Depot/Target entrance on 620 which is currently home to several food trucks.


Council will also vote to review their firework ordinances and their impact on the firework stand located in this area.



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