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Tuesday, 16th January 2018

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LRMC in Ghana mission


Lakeway Regional Medical Center helped equip medical professionals to Vea, Ghana, Africa & 3 other nearby villages from May 31-June 9. The medical professionals consisted of doctors, nurses and dentists all from Real Life Church. One of the professionals that attended was Angel Guzman RDCS AE, PE an employee of LRMC.

Vea is a remote village in the Bolgatanaga region of Upper East Ghana, West Africa. There is no running water, no electricity and one doctor for every 183,000 people. The trip was to provide a free clinic to treat and educate the people in the village to promote health and increase their life expectancy. Angel said, “We wanted to extend the love of Christ to those in need by means greater than just telling them. We wanted to show them that love in a way they can see and understand.”

Lakeway Regional Medical Center took part in this mission trip by loaning a portable ultrasound machine which allowed cardiac ultrasounds to be performed on patients in the village. Pediatric Cardiologist Kenneth E. Shafer, with Children’s Cardiology Associates, assisted in reading all of these exams. When David Kreye, CEO of Lakeway Regional Medical Center, was asked about this opportunity, he  said, “We would absolutely love to help by providing the machine.”

The trip was a huge success and the professionals were able to bring treatment to over 2,000 people in four different villages in Northern Ghana. Real Life Church is still raising money for projects in Ghana and you can get more information by going to



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