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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

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Candidates and developer money



On January 28th we posed the following question on the BeeCaveBee on Facebook group:


"I am asking politely and publicly for all existing Council Members and Candidates to declare any past, present or anticipated campaign contributions or gifts received directly or indirectly from local developer Chris Milam and his companies. Thank you."



So far we have received the following four replies:


From Monty Parker: "I'm sure it won't be a shock to anyone to hear this, but I have never received anything from Mr. Milam at any time, other than being named in a lawsuit. His financial support of two new comers in last years election was certainly not an effort to support me."


From Marie Lownan: " To an earlier election campaign donation question posed by the administrator of this page, I have stated publicly before, and I will do so again, I did not accept ANY campaign contributions from any developer or any business that may have a future ask of council. I encourage others to do the same in the name of transparency. "



From Tom Matzen: "Further, to answer the "contribution question", I have never accepted donations from Chris Milam or anyone connected to the Backyard and will not be accepting any donations from anyone, including Mr. Overstreet, Mr. Kent, or any other developer or frankly individual for this election either.


I accepted some mailer materials (around $150 in value I believe) from Mr. Moreledge in my first election 4 years ago and actually ended up voting against one of the elements of his project."


From John Cobb: "In the race for Bee Cave City Council, I will not be taking any campaign contributions or placing signs on any commercial properties."


We would welcome replies from the other sitting Council members and any new candidates.


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