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Wednesday, 21st February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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New council candidate speaks out




Bee Cave City Council Candidate Jon Cobb (whose name we had spelled incorrectly last week) has started to outline his stance and policies.



Here, quoted verbatim, are his comments from a recent e-mail.


"Per our conversation, I wanted to give you a small portion of my campaign platform for the Bee Cave City Council. 
Before the developers of the Backyard filed their recent lawsuit, I was planning on running a campaign based on a rapidly growing city and all that comes with that (ie infrastructure, development and water). I am particularly passionate about water issues. 
However, after the lawsuit was filed, I have shifted my campaign’s focus. 
-First, I believe that the current city attorney has chosen to represent several council members rather than the best interests of the City and it’s citizens. For that reason, she must be replaced as soon as possible. 
-Second, the lack of support for the council members named in the lawsuit by Mayor Murphy and council members Matzen and Lowman is inexcusable. In my opinion it is fine to disagree with another council member’s vote. It is another thing to not publicly defend their right (and responsibility) to vote their conscience. These members of the city government should be ashamed of the silence, and in my opinion, cowardice they have displayed. "
Addendum - Council Member Marie Lowman (not named in the lawsuit) posted the following on her Facebook page on the day this story was published:
"As many of you are aware, this past week the City of Bee Cave was served with a lawsuit concerning The Backyard & Developer Christopher Milam. In the suit, three individual councilmembers were named, Monty Parker, Kara King and Bill Goodwin.
I want to be very clear; I unequivocally support the right of each councilmember to vote their conscience. Not only is it their right, it is their responsibility. Naming individual councilmembers was likely intended to fracture our city council,
I will do everything in my power to not let this happen. We are ONE council. Up to this point in time, my silence on this issue should not be interpreted nor misconstrued to mean I do not support their right to vote their conscience. Rather, understanding the intricacies of this lawsuit, the possible ramifications to the City of Bee Cave and our residents has been at the forefront of where my time has been dedicated.
Let me be very clear, each councilmember and every elected official has the absolute right and responsibility to vote their conscience, 100% of the time and I fully support Monty Parker, Kara King and Bill Goodwin voting their conscience on this project and any future project."
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