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Sunday, 17th December 2017

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Backyard vote surprise


The full Bee Cave City Council voted on the proposal by Backyard developer Chris Milam to reduce attendance at Backyard events in exchange for being allowed to build without a second entrance/exit onto Highway 71. The results were a surprise.


With significant input against the variance from Ladera and Homestead Residents and despite Milam offeing a deceleration lane, $500K towards ongoing road maintenance and $2 million to bury the power lines west of 620, the motion failed with a 3-3 tie. No one spoke in favor of the variance except Milam.


Mayor Murphy and Council members Matzen and Lowan voted to allow the single exit build out, but Mayor Pro Tem Bill Goodwin, Council members King and Parker votes against. With no majority the motion failed - by a much closer margin than had been expected.


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