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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Water rates to stay the same


In their lates newsletter the WTCPUA confirms there will be no increase in water rates for the 2018 Financial Year.


"The final Budget has been presented and approved at the September 21, 2017 Board meeting. Due to increased operational efficiencies obtained through bringing customer service and operations in-house, there will be no rate increases for FY2018, which started October 1, 2017. 


Also, we have completed a review and update of our Investment Policy to facilitate cash investment in higher yielding instruments that meet the liquidity and bond rating requirements of the Public Funds Investment Act. This will provide significantly more investment income in FY2018 to assist with keeping rates as low as possible.

At Customer Service, our new telephone system is operational, resulting in more user-friendly communications and service. Also, we continue to notify customers of apparent high consumption approximately seven (7) days after reading meters to assist with consumption management."


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