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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Bee Cave Library to grow, take over more of City Hall?


The City of Bee Cave last week finished gathering RFQs for a project to expand the City Library and maybe even refurbish City Hall.


Here are detailed Project Requirements
"The City of Bee Cave is looking for an architectural and design firm with practical and professional experience in library interior design and renovation, including experience in redesigning library layouts to improve library operations, and in building redesign, remodel, and renovation. The Library is in need of more space for staff offices and workroom, patron seating, quiet study areas, local history collection, children’s programming, and general shelf space. The project will include an evaluation of the current layout and design of the Library and how the space might be used more effectively, as well as an evaluation of facility options to include renovating City Hall. This analysis and evaluation should incorporate recommendations based on the Texas Public Library Standards and best practices from successful libraries in communities of similar size and demographics. The analysis should consider the impact, if any, of our two neighboring libraries on future growth needs for Bee Cave Public Library.
Areas for special consideration include the following:

  • Enlarge the work area for library technical services
  • Increase available lounge seating, study areas, and table seating
  • Increase general shelf space
  • Create a quiet area for reading and working
  • Improve and expand library staff offices and work areas
  • Create flexible space for meetings and programs
  • Create an area to house a local history collection
  • Create a staff break roo"




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