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Friday, 19th January 2018

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Council and water rates - questions


In response to last week's story about the potential for a loop system connecting the parts of the WTCPUA pipelines to drive a 25% increase in water rates, we heard from both sides. The plan had been pushed by the two Hays County reps on the Board who want better upplies to develop the 290 corridor in Dripping Springs.


This is what we heard from Robert Pugh, the new GM at WTCPUA commenting on our story-


"There has only been preliminary discussions about the feasibility to interconnect the 290 and 71 systems in the last two PUA Board meetings.  The purpose of this project would be to increase water service reliability and redundancy by connecting the two systems, and possibly provide water for future growth.  This potential project is still under review and there has been no votes by the PUA Board to approve or fund this project.  There has also been no discussions of possible rate increases to pay for this project.

The PUA Board has set Impact Fees at 75% of the maximum allowed to be collected to fund all growth projects per our Impact Fee Study and 10-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP).  What this means is that for growth (CIP) projects, 25% of the growth costs, theoretically, could be paid by existing rate payers."


Monty parker posted on the BCB FaceBook Page:


"Here is an excerpt from my community Facebook page, "Monty's Bee Cave Buzz", on this topic: "and the BIGGIE, two Hay’s County reps are wanting the PUA board to build a system “loop” which would provide more water to areas in Hays County, primarily along Hamilton Pool Road, RR 12 and highway 290. While this action will provide an easier mechanism to secure water flow in the event of a pipe leak or break, it would also provide the opportunity for more developers to build in the areas just mentioned, increasing traffic on HPR and RR 12 as well as using more of our precious natural resource. The “punch line” for this project is that current ratepayers, you and I, would have to foot the bill for 25% of the project cost (amount unknown at this time). There has been NO budgeting for this system loop as of yet. Council directed its PUA representatives to oppose this measure, which means the MUD 5 director will be the swing vote. Hopefully, since MUD 5 covers part of Lake Point, he will agree with the Bee Cave reps and oppose this idea."


He also clarified that the council did not formally vote to do anything and the two reps - it seems - are not bound to do as instructed in this matter.


"the agenda item called for "discussion and update" on the PUA, so there was no action required, however, council did unanimously direct our representatives, Mayor Pro-Tem Goodwin and Don Walden to oppose the loop, so there was a vote, just nothing formal."


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