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Monday, 19th February 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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LTYA cancels sale of Field of Dreams


LTYA sent us this notice this week:


" The “For Sale” signs are coming down at Bee Cave’s Field of Dreams, a 19-acre sports field complex owned since the 1990’s by the non-profit Lake Travis Youth Association.  LTYA is re-committing to keeping, investing in and improving the sports fields that enable LTYA to serve more than 6,000 area kids and families.



“Field of Dreams is off the market and LTYA is on to improving the fields to serve LT-area families for many decades to come,” said Peter Maddox the President of LTYA’s board.  “The LTYA board and leadership are committed to improving the field quality, starting with improved irrigation for the heavily used soccer fields.”  


In recent years, LTYA has reviewed numerous purchase and lease offers for the valuable piece of property in the heart fast-growing Bee Cave. The fact is there is very little level and affordable property left that would accommodate new fields if LTYA were to sell.  


“LTYA will continue to improve our communications and relationship with the Field of Dreams’ business and residential neighbors, the City of Bee Cave and LTYA member families,” Maddox continued. “Field of Dreams is a diamond in the rough and LTYA intends to polish it up for the long-term benefit of area kids and neighborhoods.”   


LTYA recently submitted a city-mandated site plan amendment to the City of Bee Cave.  Approval is needed before Bee Cave permits LTYA to make any significant improvements to the fields, stands or access points.  While LTYA’s long term desire, along with that of the hundreds of families who participate in LTYA, is to pave the parking lot and add restroom facilities, such upgrades are extremely costly and complicated given current code implications that would likely require reconfiguring fields and adding additional water retention infrastructure.  The City of Bee Cave’s approval and support is critical to efforts to improve and invest in the property.  


LTYA’s priorities also include water and electrical maintenance and improvements, bleacher maintenance and improvement, and possible fencing and gates to improve access and security of the fields that have been vandalized in recent months.  The organization is also seeking approval for more energy efficient and effective lighting systems to help athletes, spectators and neighbors alike.  Lighting improvements could include remote control access and visors for the existing sport lighting to increase efficiency and reduce spill light. 


To help accommodate our rapidly growing region and an influx of new families and kids, LTYA will also continue to support Travis County efforts to build a Southwest Travis County Youth Sports Fields Complex, which was recently included in the Travis County Parks master plan but has yet to be finally approved or funded.  


Southwest Travis County is the only region of the county without a county-owned sports complex.  LTYA applauds the City of Lakeway and its citizens for securing property along Bee Creek Road which could accommodate the county sports complex.    


As we have for nearly four decades, the primarily volunteer-run Lake Travis Youth Association will work hard to provide the children of our community quality instructional athletic programs that promote a balance of competitiveness, enjoyment, and success in a safe, non-threatening environment, creating a lifelong love of sports.  We intend to fulfill this mission from Field of Dreams for many years to come. 


LTYA was founded in 1978 will celebrate 40 years of serving our area youth next year."


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