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Wednesday, 17th January 2018

in Bee Cave TX 78738

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Masonwood West - the fight begins


The proposed 1600 home development on Hamilton Pool Road at the Hatchett Ranch is going to be known as Masonwood West - and is about to encounter its first organized resistance.


Austin based developer Jim Meredith's Masonwood company would be undertaking their biggest project yet, doubling the number of homes on the stretch of HPR between 71 and 12.  There is also a commercial element on HPR and a school site and some multi family or senior living components. No school is currently planned by LTISD looking out through 2020. The development is planned to take 10 years to complete.


The key issues are:

  1. Water availability
  2. Traffic on HPR
  3. Potential pollution of Little Rocky Creek
  4. School capacity in LTISD


Resistance is coming out of the three adjacent developments - Rocky Creek (where your Editor lives, for the purposes of disclosure), Belvedere and Destiny Hills.


Their platform is being developed at the cleverly named web site




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