The Park at Bee Cave, litigation impact

The discussion about what can and will be built in the area behind the Baptist Church at the intersection of 620 and 71 is more complex than at first glance.


Walters Southwest, the developers, already have the right under a settlement with the then Village of Bee Cave to build a "junior" big box development.

Here is the comparison they make on their web site:

Litigation Site Plan Features:

  • $25 million to $30 million retail power center
  • 75 percent impervious cover
  • Does not meet current water quality code requirements
  • Approved for 821 surface parking spaces
  • No public gathering spaces or parks
  • No trails or walkways
  • Does not require drought tolerant landscaping
  • Does not require any existing trees to be saved

Updated Concept Plan Features:?

  • $60 million to $80 million mixed-use project
  • 55 percent impervious cover
  • Meets current water quality code requirements
  • Mix of structured and surface parking to reduce impervious cover
  • Two distinct public gathering spaces totaling 35,000 square feet
  • Walkable with trails and walkways connecting buildings and gathering spaces
  • Drought tolerant landscaping and dry water retention ponds
  • Careful placement of roads and buildings to save 964 caliper inches of trees